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Svelty Cosmetics is a French-Canadian Skincare brand committed to natural beauty, offering a range of products made from natural ingredients. Our specialty is the care of your skin through healthy treatments, all formulated in Canada.

We love animals and guarantee 100% cruelty-free products!

Your order is made on demand, with love, for YOU.

We believe how our products are made is just as important as what they are made of.

That is the reason why we chose a small batch production, in order to control the materials we are using and reduce our environmental footprint

This involves the use of techniques and processes that might not be seen as cost efficient in a mass production.

No overstocking, no waste.

Thank you so much for trying our products!

« Let me say how lovely this mask smells. It has the a gorgeous subtle scent that is so pleasant. The texture is a whole other thing. I would have expected it to be a heavier more dense mask due to the clay element, quite the opposite! It has a light texture and is incredibly easy to apply. My skin feels fresh and soft after use. »

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« It’s definitely a permanent part of my mask collection; It did exactly as promised and is extremely hydrating for my skin, so much so that I don’t even put on moisturizer after using it. I like to use it at night and in the morning I don’t wake up with oily skin in my t-zone and my skin still feels super soft. It would also be amazing if you had dry skin too! »

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« I really enjoyed using this! I think this will really come in handy in the winter especially! I can see myself using this to help with my enlarged pores but wanting something that won’t dry my face out!! If you love clean beauty, have normal - dry skin with pore issues this mask is for you!! »

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