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Avocado, to make your lips soft and smooth

Why should you choose avocado for your lips care?

The skin of the lips is very thin, and this explains the extremely fast development of wrinkles around them. Thanks to the oleic acid contained in the avocado, it will be your best partner to recover a beautiful mouth and pretty lips.

Well-known for its nourishing properties, the avocado can be used as a face mask as well as a hair care shampoo, not to mention its many nutritional qualities! So, what could be better than to colour your lips beautifully while giving them a unique treatment?

This is the aim of the Cool'Avocado line, offering matte lipsticks in vibrant colours and formulated with avocado oil, to moisturise your lips to the maximum while being elegant.

With its strong coverage, creamy texture and long-lasting colour, it has nothing to envy to a classic lipstick. A paraben-free formula with added vitamin E to ensure silky, healthy lips.

Overall, the avocado is a health partner of choice, whether for our beauty or our well-being! Avocado oil is regenerating, healing and protective, ideal for protecting against external factors. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles, as it is rich in vitamin E and stimulates collagen production. As for the beauty of the hair, it stimulates hair regrowth and gives it strength and shine.

There is no doubt, the avocado is our best beauty friend!

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